Our English class in Zarautz

After three days working hard on the video, it is finished! 

On the first day, we thought about which aspects we would like to show.
On the second day, we filled the "Staging sheet" (one sheet per group). It consisted on writing everything we were going to do in front of the camera (aspects, starring, dialogue, procedure…).
On the third day, we have recorded everything. It has been a little bit crazy because while we were recording, we were caught on a fire simulation!

Hope you enjoy it!


Quote of the week

At the bottom of the blog, yo can see "the quote of the week" which is an interesting and inspiring phrase. It is short but it means a lot.
During these days, the quote has been this one:

For the next week, I want you to think about a quote. Let's see if you can find something cool, something which inspires you!

Feel free and comment on the entry with your suggestion! Your choice can be the next "quote of the week"! 

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Our city: Zarautz

After some problems with the computers, the Internet, the slides... we have finally finished our presentation of our city, Zarautz. 

Let's see if you like it. Maybe one day you can visit us!


Blogmaniacos´s Presentation

Dejamos nuestra presentación en nubes de palabras que nos definen.

Presentación para Zarautz on PhotoPeach


6-C PRESENTATIONS from Zarautz

Today we have been working on the presentations and we have done this video. It is the first time we speak in English in front of the camera. This is our presentation:

I think that it is quite clear where we are from, which our school is and how old we are. ;-) 
Let's see if tomorrow we can show you our beautiful city, Zarautz.


Blogmaniacos' presentation

Here we are: 19 girls and boys from the 5th grade of primary from the public school of Jacarilla (Alicante).

Best regards to our 6th C class partners who live in Zarautz!


Our song: effective detective

Today was our last day as a detectives, so we decided to sing our anthem "Effective detective".

Well I haven't got a big black shiny car
I haven't got a big black dog
I don't run with big policemen
Through streets of London fog
But if you want to find your way
And you haven't got a clue
Just give me a call
And I will solve the case for you

I'm an effective de-de-de-detective
Putting two and two together's my objective
I investigate till I'm certain
I investigate till I find
Show me a door
and I'll look behind it
I'm the best detective in the world.

Well I don't smoke big cigars
Like though guys on the screen
Everybody laughts at me
When I try looking mean
But if you want to find your way
And you haven't got a clue
Just give me a call
And I will solve the case for you

I'll follow my nose for you
Down a thousand roads for you
I'll dirty my clothes for you
Standing in the mud and rain

For the next time I promise that I will improve my voice and I will be a better camera man .


We are starting this week!

Hi there!!!  A little bit late but we are starting with the project this week!!!

During the next 6-7 weeks, a class from Zarautz and our friends Blogmaniacos will share a lot of things through this blog in order to create the ideal English class, or at least, improve them -English classes- taking into account what students want. Students will be able to publish whatever they want on the blog as well! 
This blog is everyone's space.

We do not know each other, so the first step will be to make our presentations.

We will try to do our best!


Dear Hobbits

Sometimes, we all feel stressed, anxious, even sad…

It is OK, life is something with its ups and its downs. But when we are not in our best days, it is important to rise our head up, to grit our teeth and keep on working.

When I need to feel relaxed, happy and optimistic, I just watch this video:

Yes. They are Hobbits, people who always live in peace, in a good mood and completely relaxed. They live surrounded by forests, fields and mountains, in total harmony with nature.

Even they are not real, I like how they are and how they live. They make me happier.

Come close your eyes,
You can enjoy them, too


We are back!

Hello everybody!!!

After Christmas, after 18 days without going to school, we are back! Full of energy, ready to start motivating projects and... with a new blog. This is going to be a place where every student and every teacher can write about things we are doing at school and things that can be interesting for all of us.

Today, we have been talking about our holidays.

Some of us went to different cities visiting our relatives. We like going to places we do not know, and some of us have visited a lot of interesting countries. But I am sure that nobody has visited as many countries as this man in so little time. He spent 14 months in the making, and visited 42 countries.

Awesome, isn't it? =)

Appart from that, we talked about our presents from Olentzero (kind of Santa Claus from the Basque Country) and from the Magic Kings. You guys are really lucky!

But everything is not magic on Christmas, so we must remember that before holidays we received some Free Presents from "los mochuelos". Thanks for them!!! 

And we sent some of our Free Presents to them as well!!! Christmas Trees

That's all for today. Hope you enjoy the blog and see you around!