from 7th of January to 21st of February

What I want from the other school


Presentation of ourselves

Explanation of the English classes
Make a presentation of the whole group which includes your names, age, where you live and your hobbies. We can also add pictures, say how our daily life is, our culture, traditions… (using ex. Power point, Powtoon, Prezi…)
-Know who you are.
-A presentation embedded to the blog.
Make a dynamic video (can be a lipdub) to show different aspects of our English classes, how they are and how they work.
We make some groups and each one has to think about something they want to show and how they will link one another.
-Know about your classes
-Your dynamic video embedded to the blog.
What we like from the others
Students have to think about the other school and they have to ask about aspects they want to know more. The questions will be put on the blog and the other school has to answer them building a wall in Padlet.
After looking at them, identify the aspects we would like to change and which not .
-Check the other class’ questions and answer them creating a wall.

Preparing the farewell
Create an English song with a rhythm of our culture. Prepare a choreography for the last party.
Write a thanks speech to say it during the farewell.
-Write your song’s lyrics on the blog.
-Create a thanks message.

The farewell (Final party)
We contact via Skype and we sing the songs all together. We record it to add it on the blog.
Finally we read our final message and say good bye.
We eat some sweets.
-Sing your song and choreography.
-Read the thanks message.
Write a formal letter
We already know what we want to change or improve, so we have to write a letter to the English department’s head  with our requests.

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