Piece of News: Gigant waves II

Last Saturday night there was a terrible storm. The waves were very big and fast and they destroyed a lot of things for example: the road of Getaria Zarautz, the park, the spa, the boats of the port, the dunes, the sea walk... and more things. But there are not any victims. And now the sea walk is closed. And they put red alert. At 6am a lot of people went to see the sea. And all the streets near of the beach, were with a lot of water.
Txertatutako irudiaren behin betiko esteka

In the port of Zarautz there were a lot of waves.

The sea walk with a lot water and some scultures broke. Next to the port gigant waves and some people past from there to see. The boats of the port of Zarautz under the water.
Txertatutako irudiaren behin betiko esteka


Written by: Izar, Itsaso, Izaro, Julen, Beñat and Ganix.


Blogmaníacos said...

¡Es impresionante, chicos. Excelente trabajo!

Gustavo, blogmaniaco 4 generación said...

I like these pictures!!


Míriam Marco said...

The photos are ideal and is very disaster.

Míriam Marco said...

And the video is very shocking!!!

elena vegara ferrer said...

Amazing ... I am left speechless

romina said...

what a disaster i am sorry

Mercedes R. said...

If you have a camera in your hands...you can report your life!!!!

Well done
Doña Díriga

Marta said...

Chic@s. Habeis hecho unas fotos estupendas , es una catastrofe.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again!
Good job!