We are back!

Hello everybody!!!

After Christmas, after 18 days without going to school, we are back! Full of energy, ready to start motivating projects and... with a new blog. This is going to be a place where every student and every teacher can write about things we are doing at school and things that can be interesting for all of us.

Today, we have been talking about our holidays.

Some of us went to different cities visiting our relatives. We like going to places we do not know, and some of us have visited a lot of interesting countries. But I am sure that nobody has visited as many countries as this man in so little time. He spent 14 months in the making, and visited 42 countries.

Awesome, isn't it? =)

Appart from that, we talked about our presents from Olentzero (kind of Santa Claus from the Basque Country) and from the Magic Kings. You guys are really lucky!

But everything is not magic on Christmas, so we must remember that before holidays we received some Free Presents from "los mochuelos". Thanks for them!!! 

And we sent some of our Free Presents to them as well!!! Christmas Trees

That's all for today. Hope you enjoy the blog and see you around!

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