Our English class in Zarautz

After three days working hard on the video, it is finished! 

On the first day, we thought about which aspects we would like to show.
On the second day, we filled the "Staging sheet" (one sheet per group). It consisted on writing everything we were going to do in front of the camera (aspects, starring, dialogue, procedure…).
On the third day, we have recorded everything. It has been a little bit crazy because while we were recording, we were caught on a fire simulation!

Hope you enjoy it!


Ainhoa Ezeiza said...

Hey, people, you did it!!! Great job, congrats!

Marta blogmaniaca cuarta generacion said...

well boys and girls the haceis fine, you speak very well in English

Mercedes R. said...

Well done !!!!

It´s great to share your video with all ...the world!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This video is prettier than others.

Míriam Marco said...

You talk in english very well!!
:) ;)

elena vegara ferrer said...

you did it very well.